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How to add a resource

Page history last edited by Kathy Wicksteed 14 years, 9 months ago

A note about copyright: If you have used material or images from someone else's website or publication, you must ask their permission to use the material, in this case for non-commercial, educational purposes and to share only with other teachers. You may not legally use the material unless they agree, and it is important that we can say that we have taken all possible steps to gain permission to use material that belongs to others. The best way to avoid problems is to provide a web link to the material instead. Please acknowledge the source of all material you use that isn't your own. For further guidance about copyright, see http://www.ipo.gov.uk/types/copy.htm.


To add a resource, follow these steps

(You might want to print this page or open it in a separate tab for reference)


1) Log in to the wiki if you aren't already logged in.

You should see your email address in the right-hand corner if you are logged in, if not you will see 'anonymous', in which case click on 'Log in'. If you haven't yet signed up to the wiki, click on 'sign up' and then on 'request access'. Send an email saying a little about who you are and you will then get writer access to the wiki.

2) Choose where to post your resource

Choose from the list of pages on the Resource Bank page. Open the page by clicking on the link.

3)  Change the page to 'edit' mode

Click on 'Edit' on the tab above the name of the page where you want to post the resource.

4)  Enter your information on the page

Add the title, age range and any comments in the appropriate table on the page.

5)  Post your resource on the wiki

     a) Click on  'Images and files' in the sidebar on the right - it is under the 'Insert links' heading

     b) Click on Browse, find the file on your computer and click 'open'

The file logo and name should appear in the right hand side bar under 'images and files'.

6)  Link your resource to the entry you have made on the page

Highlight the title of the resource that you have typed in the table, and click the file name in the side bar. The title in the table should become a live link to the file.

7)  Click on Save at the bottom of the page


What if it goes wrong?

If you have made a mistake, click 'Cancel' (at the bottom of this window) and you can start again. 

If you get stuck, write a comment in the comment box and I will do what I can to help.

If you upload the wrong file, you should be able to delete it.


Do you need more space?

You can add more rows to a table by right-clicking within the table and use the "Row > Insert Row" command, or highlight the whole table by clicking on its left hand corner, click on the Table logo above and adjust the Table Properties. Or drop me a line and I will add some more rows.


Accessing all the files

Your file is now in the list of all the files that have been uploaded to the wiki. You can see them all listed alphabetically by clicking on 'Upload/view files' at the top of the side bar. To see the 'Upload/view file' link, you need to look at a page that is in View rather than Edit mode. The files page is headed 'Add new files to your wiki!'. You can upload a file directly to this page, and then create the link following the instructions above but leaving out step 5.


How do I insert a link to a website?

The simple way is just to write the web link on the page.

To link a web page to a word or phrase, follow these steps:

1) Highlight the word or phrase

2) Cick on the insert/edit link button in the editing window. This brings up a new, small window. 

3) On the 'link type' drop-down menu, choose URL.

4) Enter the web address in the box that apears in the small window.



Comments (2)

Vivienne Powell said

at 9:37 am on May 27, 2009

I've just tried to remove two of my files from the Resource Bank..planning tools (about KS2 French and Environment) I thought I'd done this then noticed that I actually need to send you a message to delete these files.
So, please could you delete these files from your site

Kathy Wicksteed said

at 9:56 am on May 27, 2009

Hi Vivienne,
Your files don't seem to be on the planning tools page any more, so it looks as though the wiki DOES allow people to delete their own files, which makes sense. I will correct the info accordingly!


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