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Title Type of document Comments
Do Coyle's presentation Powerpoint slides The slides include some useful background information about what CLIL is and how it works
CLIL Approaches Powerpoint slides with links to other documents below (NB you need to download them together) The slides give some ideas about how CLIL fits into primary language learning and teaching and have links to some other materials (see below) 
Un peu de mathématiques2.ppt  Powerpoint slides from CLIL Approaches  Linking simple Maths work with phonics and magic square 
Geo1.doc  Word doc  Simple starter activity (French) 
Mathématiques1.doc  Word doc  Simple starter activity (French Upper KS2) 
NutriPyramideF_Jan_2003.pdf  pdf  Nestle advert material - but good for healthy eating topic (French)



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