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Art and French

Title Age range Comments
Put the title of your resource here eg. KS2-3 This column can be used for any explanatory comments
La peinture dans l'histoire SOW NNeighbour.pdf   KS3-4
Scheme of work for one half-term's worth of lessons on various painting movements, starting with a short explanation about painting mediums. Grammar points included make this mostly accessible to Y9 or KS4. 
La peinture française vocabulaire.doc   KS3-4
Vocabulary sheet to go with the unit.
Lesson 1 - L’histoire de la peinture.pptx KS3-4
Lesson 2 - Le luminisme et l'art classique français.doc KS3-4  
Lesson 2 - listening exercises.doc KS3-4 The link to youtube is in the SOW document
Lesson 3 - Le rococo.pptx KS3-4  
Lesson 3 - description de peinture - Fragonard le rococo.doc KS3-4 file for pupils to use in their homework
Lesson 4 - L'impressionnisme.pptx KS3-4  
Lesson 4 hwk.docx KS3-4 homework support
Lesson 5-6 - Claude Monet.pptx KS3-4  
Lesson 5 verbes modaux.docx KS3-4  
Lesson 7-8 - Van Gogh.pptx KS3-4  
Lesson 7-8 Van Gogh.docx KS3-4  
Lesson 9 - Le cubisme.pptx KS3-4  
Lesson 9 Le cubisme exercice d'écoute.docx KS3-4 The link to the video is in the Scheme of Work. I have made another version of it as the original person has a strong accent, email me if you would like that video file, or alternatively use the transcript to read it to your pupils.
Lesson 9 Le cubisme transcript.docx KS3-4 Transcript to go with the above
Lesson 10 - Le surréalisme.pptx KS3-4  


Art and Spanish

Title Age range Comments
Scheme of work (to follow)   A 3-4 week project with Year 7 pupils linked with Art Dept and linked to prior knowledge among some pupils who have studied Picasso in Yr 6.  Rationale and SOW in this document.  Many resources used from various sources; including adapted materials from TES website, W Sussex Mira Miro project, Anne Prentis' work (see below) and Rachel Hawkes.  Grateful thanks to all for their inspiration. 
introducing Pablo.ppt eg. KS2-3 Used with Yr6 before they visit Malaga Picasso's birthplace museum. 
Entrevista con Picasso Yr7.doc KS3 Yr 7 Yr 7 interview Picasso - result is a listening exercise for the rest of the class (transcript)  Can be filmed with G&T students while others complete tasks more able have finished
Entrevista con Picasso Yr7 gapfill.doc  KS3 Yr 7  the gapfill exercise for the interview
Lesson 2 Picasso y los animales.pptx    ceramics and sculptures used as well as images.  Uses Mr Picassohead website 
Lesson 2 simple opinions about a painting.pptx     

Lesson 4 ppt handout_worksheet.pptx 

Lesson 4 positional vocabulary2.pptx    
Lesson 5 Picasso_describing likes.pptx  

Develops from I like green to saying why they like certain elements in a picture

Lesson 6 shapes to describe a painting Spanish.pptx   May be useful - I didn't use it this time
Lesson 7 describe a painting of your choice.pptx    
Lesson 8 Como ser creativo writing a poem.pptx   simple creative forms discussed and then used to enable all students to give a response to how they felt about Picasso's paintings/work
Reading hw_Pablo_Ruiz_Picasso.doc   biographical details with questions in English
Self evaluation yr 7 Picasso project.pptx   AfL strategies and help to complete tasks set for final description
Working with Picasso   Slides and a case study from Anne Prentis (also on ALL's new curriculum website)
guernicapicture.doc    Introducing the vocabulary needed to talk about the Guernica painting
Handout3.doc   An overview of the project, including the sources of material used
cambridgeAP.ppt   Anne's presentation about the project, including the slides used with pupils


Art and German

Title Age range Comments
Put the title of your resource here eg. KS2-3 This column can be used for any explanatory comments
KUNST  all  Presentation at the Goethe Institut Glasgow September 2008 with art and languages teachers to develop a CLIL unit for German Art


Art and other languages

Title Age range Comments
Put the title of your resource here eg. KS2-3 This column can be used for any explanatory comments


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